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Some of our current investments

Grandma Henvey's

Grandma Henvey's Gluten Free Irish Porridge. Lovingly grown and milled in Ireland and guaranteed gluten free.


Couverture Dessert are handmade and hand finished by a production team of dedicated patissiers. The all important chocolate comes from Callebaut in Belgium and the finest mascarpone cheese arrives fresh from Italy.

Organic Little Ones

What started as a necessity has now grown into a business. With a lot of hard work and plenty of support from their family and friends, Organic Little One is now available nationwide.

The Chili Shack

The Chili Shack was established in late 2013. The concept of an authentic American chili parlour is new to Irish consumers. Following the burrito bar trend in Ireland, we now think the Irish consumer is ready for the next big step.

The Dublin Cookie Company

From tiny community markets to huge festivals, Jenny and Elaine have been selling their cookies around Ireland and always getting the same reaction – Best. Cookie. Ever! Soon they will launch their own flagship cookie shop in Dublin and from there they will spread the cookie love far and wide


Plzadvize is a trusted resource for digital marketers that provides tools and an engaged community to help simplify the marketing technology landscape empowering marketers to work smarter, not harder.


Mobile guest experience, connecting guests with tours, tickets, activities and hotel services

Ireland Luxury Travel

Ireland Luxury Travel arose out of a love of Irish tourism and an understanding of a need for bespoke travel designed by local experts.

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Most investment companies are looking to invest little with high return; they also nearly never commit to help the development of the company and are mostly interested in their return. Gain Line Capital Investments are looking to develop new exciting businesses and work with them every step of the way. Gain Line has already had and continues to have great success in the food ingredient and chemical solution industrial and can offer excellent experience with proven, operating, Web development, marketing, sales and finance.

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